Donald Trump To Jay-Z: Thank Me!

Donald Trump, Jay-Z Should Thank Me

Jay-Z who appeared last night on CNN and spoke about various topics with CNN’s Van Jones. One of the many issues addressed was of his marriage with Beyoncé. The Ups and downs of the marriage and according to Jay-Z the couple choose to “fight for our love.”

With millions watching so was the president of the United States, Dontald J. Trump. No Donald Trump didn’t care too much about Beyoncé and Jay-Z marriage. Instead there was a few triggers in the heart felt disgusted comments by Brooklyn’s own Jay-Z.

For instances regarding Donald Trump’s “shithole” comments Jay-Z had this to say, “Everyone feels anger, but after the after it’s really hurtful. He’s looking down on a while population of people, and he’s so misinformed.”

Jay-Z also feels as money isn’t always the answer, “It’s not about money at the end of the day.” Jay-Z stressed
that it is more how you treat people.

Courtesy of CNN

Donald Trump this Sunday morning toke to twitter, of course, to send a message to Jay-Z.

Do you agree with Jay-Z’s comments or Donald Trump’s tweet? Comment below.

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