Tupac Grammy Merchandise

Exclusive Tupac Grammy Merchandise In NYC

After 15 years New York City is set to host the 60th Annual Grammy awards this Sunday January 28th in Madison Square Garden. CBS has the honors of broadcasting the event wich will start 7:30 Eastern Time.

New Yorkers will see a mobile pop-up store riding around the city. Bloomingdale’s has partnered up with Universal Music Group to provide a mobile tour truck full of exclusive merchandise. The truck will feature merchandise from Tupac Shakur, Migos, Interscope and other artists.

Tupac Grammy Merchandise

The theme of the tour is Music is Universal. T-shirts, hats, hoodies and more will be available.

You can catch the tour truck this Saturday at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market and then this Sunday at Bloomingdale’s Soho location.

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