Dr.Oz Can’t Find The Tupac Autopsy [VIDEO]

Tupac Autopsy Isn’t Available

The Tupac and Biggie Unsolved murders were discussed today on Dr.Oz show. Along with reporter Michael Yo and forensic criminologist Laura Pettler, Dr.Oz looks into the two fatal nights on this special segment titled Anatomy Of A Scandal. Most notably was the mystery behind the Tupac autopsy.

When discussing Tupac’s case, Dr.Oz had this to say about Tupac’s autopsy, “When it comes to Tupac no autopsy has been released. I’ll say it again there is no autopsy for us to look at. When my team tried to obtain it, we couldn’t.”

Dr.Oz goes on to explain his uncertainty about Tupac’s murder, “To me I have to say its sort of strange that he died 6 days after a gunshot wound.”

“From what I’m being told indirectly he bled but later, I know he was trying to leave the hospital the whole thing is a bit strange”, states a rather perplex Dr.Oz.

Biggie’s autopsy on the other hand is available. Biggie’s autopsy files consist of various images showing the gunshot wounds. Biggie died within an hour after being shot.