Teacher Angry Over Tupac Lyrics

Teacher Angry Over Tupac Dear Mama Lyrics

The teacher used an offensive slur in class to express her feelings.

Teacher Angry Over Tupac Lyrics

According to reports high school Alabama teacher has been placed on a paid leave after she uttered the N word in class after hearing a particular song being played by her students.

Students who are allowed to play music during class choose one of Tupac’s song Dear Mama and as a result angered their teacher. The teacher, Teddie Butcher repeatedly told students to “turn the ni**** tunes off.”

After the school receive multiple complains from students and their parents, the teacher admitted using the slur. Butcher during a meeting with school officials made her case and insisted that she didn’t really understand the seriousness behind the slur.

As of this writing the terrible incident is still under investigation.

Comment below how you feel about the teacher saying she did not understand how offensively the slur was or do you think she was fully aware of what she was saying?


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