How Does Government Shutdown Affect You

Government Shutdown What You Need To Know

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While members of congress will continue to collect their paychecks, how does the government shutdown affect you?

As always its the low paid workers that will suffer the most. If you are classified as a Non-essential employee you will be placed on a temporary unpaid leave. Those who are considered to be Essential employees will continue working but can expect to see a delay in their pay checks.

The department of education employees are not considered to be essential employees which means 95% of the employees will not be working. Public schools will still remain open reports the Washington Post.

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If you are a college student a government shutdown will affect you. Student loans will still be processed but you expect delays. Financial aid staff will be limited. All cash flows to not only colleges but school districts and vocational programs will not continue.

It doesn’t end there. As reported by the New York Time, The department of health and human resources will see 50% percent of their employees without work although we have seen the worst flu season in years. CDC’s flu tracking program will slow down and in the event of a new strain develops there will be no way the CDC can detect it.

Last but not least, If you are relying on your tax returns that will also be affected will delays. Even with the new tax law in place, IRS workers are being cut down by 55% reports the New York Times. IRS will not perform any audits return examinations or issue a refund.