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XXXTentacion Blames Tupac And Biggie

XXXTentacion gives his clear answer on the never ending debate who is better Tupac or Biggie, but also XXXTentacion blames Tupac and Biggie for today’s violence!

Xxxtentacion Tupac, Biggie Are To Blame

XXXTentacion recently spoke with DJ Akademiks and claimed he has well surpassed Tupac already and would like if he wasn’t compared to Tupac. “I’m better than Tupac, bro. Pkease don’t compare me to him. Please don’t,” XXXTentacion told DJ Akademiks. Read – XXXTentacion, Tupac Is Not Better Than Me

XXXTentacion also touched on the debate on who is better Tupac or Biggie. XXXTentacion very clear in stated he felt Biggie was a better poet than Tupac. There was one thing that Xxxtentacion felt Tupac and Biggie had in common, the reason for today’s violence.

“Everybody wanna go around shooting at each other, I blame, I blame Tupac, Tupac and Bigge for why these kids wanna go around totting f***ing guns, shooting each other and s***. I blame them. I blame them,” Xxxtentacion explained. “Cause the minute that s*** got idiolized, that’s when they started doing that s***,” insisted Xxxtentacion.

Do you feel Tupac and Biggie are to blame? Comment below.


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