Tupac Bathtub Photo Shoot
David LaChapelle

Tupac Bathtub Photo Shoot

One of David LaChapelle’s most iconic photo shoot, Tupac Shakur laying practically naked on a bathtub only to be covered in gold.

David LaChapelle Infamous Tupac Bathtub Photo Shoot

Photographer David LaChapelle who has shot many iconic photos recently spoke with Rolling Stone. David LaChapelle has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Kayne West, Tupac Shakur, Miley Cyrus, Paris Jackson and many more.

One of David LaChapelle’s most iconic photo shoot came on a day where he worked with Tupac Shakur. The photo shoot had Tupac laying practically naked on a bathtub only to be covered in gold.

2Pac Tupac bathtub Photoshoot

When David LaChapelle was asked about Tupac by Rolling Stone, David had this to say,”He was somebody very into the arts, having gone to an art high school like i did. So it was easy for him to accept it. H was interested in creating something dramatic.” Dramatic it was. Tupac’s creative always set the bar and a standard that still lives today.

David LaChapelle went on to say, “He was a complex person and definitely adept at adapting to whatever situation he’s in. He’s an artist and a sensitive artist, yet I think when he was with different people it was different. When he was with his friends from the music business, he was much harder.

The full interview with David LaChapelle with Rolling Stone touches on other artists he worked with and can be read here via rollingstones.com Footage of Tupac Shakur from the photo shoot can be seen below. The late great Outlawz member Kadafi can also be seen in the rare footage. Comment below your thoughts of this iconic Tupac bathtub photo shoot!

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