Louis King Does Anybxdy Really Care

Louis King Music Video Does Anybxdy Really Care

Lousi King talks his new music video.

The music video for Louis King’s new single Does Anbxdy Really Care is out now. The song features EDIDON, JP Cali Smoov & House of Vibe. Does Anybxdy Really Care is available online everywhere! Purchase – Does Anbxdy Really Care

Louis King recently spoke with O4L Online and broke down his new single and video.

Louis King
We recorded the song at Sunset Studios in Venice, Ca. Supreme did the Skeleton and Anthony Brewster(House of Vibe) & added in some more synths, drums and flavor. Conrad Baur(House of Vibe) came through and laid the live guitar.

Edi and Cali came thru and laid their verses and then we mixed it at Universal Music Group thanks to Travis James Productions & Anthony Brewster.

We did the Video at Hollywood Studios. I directed it along with Generation West, Cinematography from Ella Gabriel, AD was Adrian Buelna, PA was Rythm Kid and post production from Serril Media and My Self. The video was meant to show the artists as the art them selves and the lyrics / message of the song carry this visual while the colors and patterns are pleasing to the eye.

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The video matches the overall artwork of the beautiful grind catalog which is a new song released every monday weds and friday of 2018