Tupac Brenda’s Got A Baby Music Video Filmed

Allan Hughes 27 years on this day directed Tupac’s Brenda Got A Baby music video. The video had appearances from Money B and Mopreme Shakur.

Brenda’s Got A Baby was produced by Deon “Big D” Evans and featured Dave Hollister and Roniece Levias.

The song was featured on Tupac’s debut album 2pacalypse Now. Purchase – 2Pacalypse Now [Explicit]

Brenda’s Got A Baby is based off a true story which Tupac read in the newspaper and felt it wasn’t getting the attention it should have. He toke it upon himself to deliver the news and bring awareness in the song.

The young girl who plays Brenda in the video is Ethel Love. A recent photo of Ethel Love can be seen below.

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Ethel Love - Brenda

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