New Tupac Music And Biopic

Will We See New Tupac Music, Biopic & Still I Rise 2?

With Tupac you just never know, right? Die hard Tupac fans know that there are a few songs that have yet to leak. Many have assume that all Tupac songs have been released, but no they haven’t been released. For long its been rumored there are enough Tupac-Outlawz song to deliver Still I Rise 2 and enough songs for at least one more Tupac solo album.

Tupac’s latest projects weren’t well received by many fans for various reasons. Whether it was Eminem’s involvement or certain features being replaced and song production completely changed. Many songs production had to be changed because of legal issues and also clearance issues with sampling. Some artists that were on the original songs were replaced with more current artists or main stream artists. Unfortunately a lot of it was politics and is what one can expect dealing with a record label. There are many factors behind the scene that we can ever imagine and trust me I will not get into all that right now.

Many hard core fans were and still are disappointed but was it all that bad after you sit back and think about it? Wouldn’t we want another Tupac album? There are some songs on these posthumous albums that weren’t that bad. Tupac wouldn’t have recorded with that artist or dropped a verse on that beat. Really? Do we forget what Makaveli was about. Do we really think Tupac would have stayed stuck in 1996. I doubt it. I also understand the argument that if we don’t know what Tupac would prefer then just leave it alone and do not release anymore music period.

One thing is for sure we should embrace and with a clear open mind accept the possibility of a new Tupac album. This isn’t about others making money off of Tupac. Tupac recorded all that music with the intent to have those songs release one day. To have his music live forever. With that being said there are two possible scenarios that may produce new Tupac songs.

Without going into all the details of some well known drama behind the All Eyez On Me biopic. It is very much realistic to expect a new Tupac biopic by his estate. With the biopic we would obviously anticipate a soundtrack similar to Tupac: Resurrection (2003) which featured at the time an unreleased song, Ghost. The second option would have Tupac featured on various albums of other artists from all genres. Both options are very intriguing and are possible.

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Now the question is who and what? Who would produce the album? Who would be featured on the album? Who should executive produce the album? What should be the name of the album? Let us know what you think the answers to those questions should be! Make sure you comment below!!

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