Desiree Smith
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Desiree Smith Talks Tupac’s Close Circle

Desiree Smith reveals to YouTube Channel Art Of Dialogue interview that after the incident with Ayanna Jackson 2pac started staying in hotels under an alias ...
Form of therapy

Finding Meaning in Suffering: My Rebellion Against Cynicism

Often, a therapist is asked to use his own methods on himself. This is my story of using Viktor Frankl's form of therapy, to find meaning in suffering ...
happy birthday kastro
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Happy Birthday Kastro

Happy Birthday Kastro, former member of the Outlawz. Kastro who is blood cousin of Tupac Shakur was also part of the rap group Dramacydal ...
2pac shooting
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Vic Mensa Claims Biggie Knew Who Shot 2Pac

Vic Mensa freestyle on L.A Leakers claims Biggie knew who shot 2pac in 1994. The 2pac shooting from 1994 continues to be a hot topic ...
Outlawz snoop dogg
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Outlawz – Karma Feat. Snoop Dogg (Official Music Video)

The Outlawz Snoop Dogg collaboration on the song ‘Karma' featured in the movie Five Thirteen. Karma directed by Jae Synth ...
So Much Pain
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Outlawz – So Much Pain Feat. Mike Green (Official Music Video)

'So Much Pain' was released on The Outlawz 2016 album 'Livin Legends' The track is a tribute to all their fallen soldiers that they have lost over the years ...
eminem diss 2pac hit em up
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Eminem Ranks 2Pac, Outlawz Hit ‘Em Up Greatest Diss Track Of All Time

Eminem has ranked Hit 'Em Up as the greatest diss track ever in his 12 Days of Diss-Mas list. He also speaks about the Tupac & Biggie beef ...
Desiree Smith Talks Tupac, Stretch & Quad Studios
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Desiree Smith Talks Tupac, Stretch & Quad Studios

Tupacs former girlfriend Desiree Smith speaks to The Art Of Dialogue about her relationship with Tupac. She also speaks on Stretch and Quad Studios incident ...
hard copies
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The Hope Dealer Part 2 Autographed Hard Copies, 3 Bonus Songs

Autographed hard copies of The Hope Dealer Part 2 by EDI Don available exclusively to O4L Online and features 3 unreleased songs ...
Unconditional Love Unreleased Version
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Tupac Unconditional Love Rare Version Leaked (Music Video)

Tupac Unconditional Love unreleased version of the music video leaks. The music video just like the original features Nanci Fletcher and Tha Realest ...
2pac drawing desiree smith
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2pac Drawing To Desiree Smith Now Up For Auction

2pac eroctic drawing to his grilfriend Desiree Smith in 1995 goes on the auction block through Steiner Auctions. Also included is orginal mailed envelope ...
2pac outlawz still i rise
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Fabrice Henssens Talks 2pac, Outlawz Still I Rise Album Cover

Celebrating its 19 year anniversary, O4L Online talks to Fabrice Henssens, the man behind the 2pac Outlawz Still I Rise album cover photo ...

Big Black Hole: A Poem about the Illness of Depression

Some continue to classify depression as a weakness, depsite the medical evidence to the contrary. This poem exhibits what it's like to have it ...
malaynah interview
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Malaynah Top 5 Inspired Artists, Hip Hop Goals, Cardi B

Malaynah talks three artists she would like to work with, writing her own lyrics, what inspired her, top 5 artists that inspired her ...
i aint mad at cha
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Tupac – I Ain’t Mad At Cha

I Ain't Mad at Cha' was released two days after Tupac passed away, on September 15th 1996. It was directed by Tupac himself alongside Kevin Swain ...
Suge Knight Says 2pac Spoke About Faking Death
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Suge Knight Says 2pac Spoke About Faking Death

Suge Knight claims 2pac spoke about faking his death. The exclusive interview is featured on the Showtime American Dream American Knightmare Documentary ...
young noble new album
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Young Noble Announces New Album

Young Noble announced the news of a new collaboration album, titled 'Full Circle' with Deuce Deuce. It is due out in February 2019 ...
2pac shooting
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Yukmouth Talks Dexter Isaac Comments About 2pac, Stretch

Yukmouth has taken to social media to add his reaction to the story of Big Stretch being involved in setting Tupac up in the 94' Quad Studio shooting ...
love red dress

The Girl in the Red Dress – A Poem about Love and Loss

This poem is about a girl I met long ago, recalling who she was and the effect of her leaving. I'll always remember the girl in the red dress ...
a boogie hoodie szn
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A Boogie Says Hoodie SZN Will Be Album Of The Year

A boogie talks Hoodie SZN album, Michael Jackson and getting the clearance for 'Look Back At It', trying to balance a rap career while being a father ...
2pac art
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Tupac Art Inspiration – Paul Daniels

Continuing the Tupac Art Inspiration series, we speak to Los Angeles based artist Paul Daniels about Tupac, hip-hop & his artwork ...
neisha neshae on a cloud
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Neisha Neshae Talks On A Cloud, Childhood, Roc Nation

Neisha Neshae talks On A Cloud, how she signed with Roc Nation, splitting ways with Roc Nation and her childhood troubles ...
Napoleon Comments On Dexter Isaac Talking 2pac, Stretch
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Napoleon Comments On Dexter Isaac Talking 2pac, Stretch

Former Outlawz member Mutah 'Napoleon' Beale comments on the Dexter Isaac interview, calling Stretch a 'Snake' & tells people that the streets aren't loyal ...
Eternal Friend

My Eternal Friend – A Poem about Healing

Words and poetry heal, as can an eternal friend. This is a poem about intimacy, and a relationship which helped me overcome my sorrow ...
reverie interview
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Reverie Interview As She Talks How She Started Rapping, New Music

Reverie interview with Big Boy Tv talks graffiti, hard times growing up with her brothers, touring overseas and new music ...