On This Day Tupac & The Outlawz Photo shoot

On December 30th 1995 Tupac & The Outlawz had a photo shoot with photographer Chi Modu. The shoot took place in Wyndham Belage Hotel in West Hollywood.

Tupac-The-Outlawz-Photo-Shoot 1TupacOutlawz Photoshoot

Tupac also took some solo shots, one of which can be seen on the cover of the March 1996 issue of The Source Magazine.


Chi Modu on Tupac  ” Thats my man. He was always good to me. I like the images where you get to see another side of Tupac. He was relaxed & comfortable with me. He was definitely the easiest person to shoot with. He understood the camera & he knew to respect the photographer & since he respected the photographer we were able to have a body of work that’s still iconic 20 years on. It’s almost like he orchestrated the image that he was going to leave behind”


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