LT Hutton Reveals Tupac’s Plan For The Diss Song Watch Ya Mouth

LT Hutton was on Sway in the morning today promoting the All Eyez On ME Tupac biopic which hits theaters this Friday, June 16. Last week the Outlawz were on Sway in the morning where they revealed that Tupac had told them he was done with the Biggie beef and wanted to move forward and not talk about it any longer. Instead he had visions of uniting everyone.

Hutton when ahead and gave some insight on Tupac perhaps ending the beef with Biggie when Sway mentioned what the Outlawz had stated. Hutton who worked on one of Tupac’s last songs titled Watch Ya Mouth confirms that Tupac wanted to remove Biggie, Nas and Puff Daddy’s names off the song which was a diss song aimed at everyone. The song for that reason never made it on the Makaveli Album.

Tupac came to this realization after he returned from New York. A trip where his infamous meeting with Nas in where they squashed the beef is well documented.

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