Last night Funk Master Flex decided to go back on Instagram live to further discuss his comments about Tupac. Flex got a bit emotional when he proclaims “they lied” about Biggie setting Tupac up to be robbed on the infamous night at Quad Studio. This emotional rant has given birth to the #Punkflexchallenge.

Comedian Mike Epps went on Instagram with his own #punkflexchallenge video.

#Repost @eppsie with @repostapp ・・・ Funk flex is really mad at just for men and bajien😂😂😂😂#punkflexchallenge

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Funk Master Flex reposted Mike Epps video on his own Instagram and had this to say to Mike Epps, “@eppsie Hahaha!!! I just turned 100 my brother!!! I’m a try that challenge tho !! #punkflexchallenge.”

Many feel Funkmaster Flex is trying to swing it as if its all in fun. When the fact of the matter is he is being roasted and many are furious over his comments about Tupac. Many have accepted the challenge. Whether its using the hashtag #punkmasterflex or #funkflexchallenge using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, hit that search bar and enjoy!

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