Bigger Fish To Fry

Bigger fish to fry. While y’all worried about the comments from a couple of thirsty chumps, this is what’s goin on in the world. Another 15 year old was shot and killed by some pigs in TX too. You won’t hear these individuals speak on it, EVER. Because that’s not what their job is. Agent Provocateurs (look it up) For the record, nothing nobody can say about Tupac will ever diminish or tarnish his legacy and that’s what got em All in they feelings. The homie done had a better 2017 than niggaz that’s livin and breathin smh. AND IT AINT OVER.

So get ready for more “shade” to be thrown. Anybody that shared a blunt, or breathe the same air as PAC for two seconds will offering their “remixed” stories for anybody who cares to listen. We used to sit around and talk about this exact thing, he knew and made sure we were ready. Everything is going according to plan. 😎 #O4L

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