Super Bowl 2014

Super Bowl (A.k.A the Bud Bowl… Roll up!)

It was Grammy weekend out here in L.A., So there were a plethora of industry “kiss-ass” party’s going on all over the place. Don’t ask how, but I found myself at one such event in the hills of Bel-Air, an affluent suburb made famous by Will Smith and the popular 90’s sitcom “The Fresh Prince if Bel-Air”.

People like Paris Hilton and Boo (Akon’s lil bro and head AnR at DefJam) were all in the building “turnin up”. Plenty of free Booze, so you know the drill. Billed as a “house party”, this is not the kind Kid n Play did the movie about, although the same rules apply. Rumor has it, that the “house” was owned by a certain music mogul famous for “being all in his artist videos… Dancin….” Trust me the irony is not lost on me.

Driving home early that morning, the radio on, I kept hearing an abundance of “Super Bowl” party commercials. As if this event needed any more promotion. For my people who don’t follow sports, This Sunday the Denver Broncos will take on the Seahawks of Seattle for the chip and all the marbles. Football is this countries #1 pastime.

It generates the most $$ because it celebrates what we as Americans love the most… Being entertained and hopefully eating at the same time. 4 million dollars will get you a 30 second commercial slot during the Super Bowl. Most of the commercials shown will be about selling you/me something we can eat/consume. Most, if not all, of the products will be things we already know about!

Who in America has not heard of a fucking Dorito? Or Bud light? I could go on, but you should be getting the point I’m making. All of the big corps no one thing for sure, We have very short attention spans so money is no object when it comes to keeping you/me, the consumers, attention. They know we’ll be watching. A large portion of us will be watching to see the commercials, as they have become as popular as the game it self.

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Peyton Manning, the uber talented veteran quarterback will be going head up against Russel Wilson the young stud, only in his 3rd season. Both teams hail from states who have legalized marijuana use in some compactly. Marihuana will be used before, during, an after this event. For an assortment of reasons as long as the 405 freeway, people use it.

Overwhelmingly, public opinion has softened, if not totally shifted on the topic of the herb. Most people do it, know some one who uses and needs it, or could careless if you and I do it. Yet you will see not 1 commercial about “weed” this Sunday. The federal government, still (!) has it labeled a narcotic, on the same playing field as coke or heron. You and I can still go to jail if cAught with it, unless we’re one of the lucky bastards that live in Washington or Colorado.

I am optimistic that in my lifetime this “wonder-herb” will be legal for all to use if they choose, and it will be illegal to force feed products that kill us, slowly. To this very day there is not one deAth that can be attributed directly to marijuana.

True, weed will have you watching one of the over the top commercials about food, thinking “that sounds good right about now!” Some people use it for recreational reasons, others because it makes life easier to manage with illness. Whatever the reason, don’t we have enough to deal with, without spending more time than needed on locking people up, even if their selling it?!? But unfortunately, the government is like Frank White played by Christopher Waulkin, from the cult classic 90s gangster flick, King of New York, “if a dime bag gets sold in Central Park, they want in!”

P.S. Word on the street (instagram/twitter) is Floyd “money” Mayweather put down a 10 million dollar bet on the Broncos to win it. I am taking the Broncos as well. “Floyd! Let me hold somn!”

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