2013. (GONE, ALREADY?)

“Days gone past and as they past, time moves quicker…” – e.d.i “The Good Die Young”

Happy New Year everybody, and if it hasn’t gotten off to a “happy” start, hopefully it’s a healthy beginning to the 14th year of the new millennium. That’s right, 14th! Seems like only yesterday we were all in a panic about Y2k and all the clocks stopping. A lot has changed since then, been through an American airport lately? We still are the only country I know of requiring our flyers to remove their shoes when going through security.

In the year 2000, could we have imagined Obama? I’ll answer that, no! None of us did. In those times actual albums sold, a lot, and singles were something you met at a bar. Now singles sell, a lot, and albums are for Facebook! Does it seem that time and things change way faster than they did before? Are the days shorter or what?

Anyway, 2013 wow, what a year. Terrorism reared its ugly head AGAIN in the form of the Boston Marathon bombing that hi-jacked headlines in early APRIL 2013. The two brothers were of Russian decent and at least to me, it’s still not really known, why they did it. (?) Everyone was still reeling from the Sandy Brook massacre a few short months prior that took a bunch of little kids and a couple teachers to an early grave.

Will there be another major violent event in 2014? Probably so, judging from the past few years, you can almost set your watch to it. Except it’s not going to come from a foreign source. More and more of late, the terrorism has been of the home grown strain. LAX, DC, And of course the Colorado mass-shooting, were all done by card carrying all-American, apple pie eating Americans!

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Maybe that’s why Colorado decided to end 2013 off being the first state to allow recreational weed smoking, legal. Hopefully the ganja will deter any other weirdoes out there looking to shoot up a movie theater.

Obama struggled with the roll out of the new healthcare system. The website couldn’t handle all the people looking to sign up and in turn Barry informed us to “stop trippin” he knew it was gonna happen that way… Smooth. The NSA got caught eves dropping on all of us, even though “we” are not supposed to be the enemies. I guess we shouldn’t feel bad though, America apparently spies on it’s own allies.

I thought we were cool with Germany now? A guy by the name of Edward Snowden “spilt the beans” and snitched on the very agency he worked for, then went to Russia for asylum. Did we not know that everything on the computer or phone was being monitored? Or did we just hate that fact that someone came out and actually confirmed our worst fears?

ME, I’d rather know than not, but I wont be losing any sleep about it either. Just keep the Internet “free” LOL. I was speaking with a comrade recently and he informed me that he knew “for sure” that the Government shut downs of 2013 were merely a test run for the coming of Marshall Law. Wanting to sound informed and UN afraid, he actually came off opposite of his intentions.

I don’t know if he knew how that statement reeked of fear. Seeing as how Marshall LAW would require the Government to work harder to keep things in order.

Jay_z pulled a move that shifted the music biz further in the future. He released his album early via an app supplied by Samsung. In return for hocking phones for the tech giant, Jigga got them to cop a cool millie of his latest album “Magna Carter Holy Grail”, ensuring him platinum status before the album actually came out.

Smart move and very shrewd, Billboard was pissed and critics clamed Jay was cheating the game. People fear evolution, period. Then his wife ends the year off, dropping an album nobody new was coming, selling close to a million in a few days! Sheeesh, those two!

Back to politics for a minute. One of the few things Obama did last year that I thought took balls to do, is what he actually didn’t do and that was invade Syria. Thumbs up big homie. True, what’s happening there is tragic to say the least; we don’t always have to solve the world’s issues, especially with so many of our own. At least the economy bounced back somewhat. The jobs came back and the stock Market steadied. Kobe went down and LeBron continued to rise thanks to Gabby’s dude.

All in all not a bad year. Personally, I dropped my first official solo mix tape to great reviews. Shot several videos and enjoyed doing it with the help of all the talented people involved, you know who you are. The hip-hop media continued to ignore us, despite the quality and quantity of dope music we put out solo and as a group.

Still, It truly was a labor of love and I appreciate the support and the votes of confidence from the PEOPLE. I will drop the “Hope Dealer” later this year, during the summer. It is my “Me Against the World” and I feel it’s my best work to date. I will tour, write another book and continue to bring “The Real Talk Show” to the people via TradioV.com weekly.

Didn’t make any New Years Resolution this year. YET, I have many goals that I WILL complete in ’14. “Don’t believe me just watch” to quote Trinidad James, who pissed off have of New York by speaking what he felt was real and true. Hopefully in 2014, the “truth” won’t be frowned upon so much.

It’s the outspoken often-outlandish ones who are persecuted for this very reason. The ones who never rock the boat go down with the ship! So TURN UP this year and speak your truth regardless of the outcome. But ya better hurry up, time is moving so fast these days…. #O4L


P.P.S RIP to Emani Stinson You will be missed.

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