shut em down, shut em down…. Public Enemy

Here we go again! The ‘gubment’ is officially shut down! Actually if you needed me to tell you that, you either live in another country or you may need to remove your head from your ass. It’s been two weeks as of this Monday. Also, we are 2 and a half days away from reaching the debt-ceiling deadline, which would fund the government and pay our bills.

What does all this mean? How will it affect you? Should you continue to pay taxes to a government that can’t even agree to disagree and keep the country a float? If you have a job with a 401k, is it safe? Remember in ’08 a lot of people got robbed and this “economy” was the robber. As I write this, CNN is on and allegedly, a deal is in the works.

A word you might’ve heard a lot during this debacle is BIPARTISIANSHIP, which in a nutshell are the DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS finding away to agree on an issue. There’s this guy buy the name of John Boehner, who’s anti- “anything to due with Obama.” If Barry says, “it’s a great day” Boehner will bring up the fact that somewhere in the world its raining and it Obama’s fault!

You got the “tea-party”, “Obama care” and all it’s issues, which leads us to this point. 1st, Let me be as honest as possible before we go any further. I hate talking about politics. The older I get the more I see it as a big show. Still, that’s just my opinion. There are some of us who get fully involved with what’s going on and pick a side. They sit in front of their computers or smart phones and await the latest development.

CNN even has a fucking timer just in case you get preoccupied and forget that shit is real! Obama puts on a stern face and gives you that “Im’ma pissed off black-man but aint much I can do, you niggaz is on ya own” look. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

No talk of Syria these days huh? Did that thing figure it self out? Who knows at this point, all eyes on this bullshit in D.C. What was up with that lady who tried to ram the gate at the White House for no apparent reason? That shit came and went! We don’t ask any questions because they give us another “show” to watch. On the surface its Republican vs. Democrat, white vs. black, upper class vs. lower class.

I don’t think it’s that simple though. It almost like watching the Patriots, Saints game this Sunday. Most people rooted for the Saints but deep down knew Tom Brady was coming to rip your heart out with 5 seconds left!

It was en-genius to set the government up with “checks” and “balances” but it to a point now where you have to ask yourself “Who running the show?” Surely those who side with Obama and his agenda wish he was able to banish his opposition to oblivion and move on with it. Of course his opposition and co. would love to see him in chains picking cotton. Lmao.

All jokes aside, is this really about “Obama Care?” Let’s call it what it really is, “The Affordable Care Act”, the closest we are getting to universal health care. There are so many ‘bugs’ in this thing it might as well be the latest IPhone. Sure the republicans have some valid points, such as: How’s it going to be paid for? Why penalize people already struggling? Why can’t I choose my own provider, instead of choosing from a list of M.D’s already selected for me?

There’s more where that came from too! Or is it all just a show? A big dog and pony spectacle for you to get caught up in. Smoke and mirrors. Do you really believe your vote counts now? Congress’s approval rating is a dismal 5% and those old farts aren’t losing any sleep or any time at the golf course people. If they cared about how you, the voters really felt, it wouldn’t be an issue.

We’d all have free health care, weed would be legal, we’d be out of Afghanistan, and we would add Mondays to the weekend! No these clowns have their own agenda and so should you.

I had dinner with some “friends of ours” this weekend and of course the drinks and conversation flowed easily. In the midst of it all one of the older cats in the circle began talking about life and learning from ones mistakes. It was 3 of us and two of us are the same age so the older fellow can be considered an OG and he IS as well. He said something to me that struck a cord “It’s not about surviving. Surviving is hard work.

It’s about living, which is the easiest thing to do, if you’re UN afraid.” Fear is a common tool to control a person or people. So, while your somewhere stressing about what your government is going to do and how your going to survive, take a little time to LIVE… but remember to ENJOY THE SHOW! SALUTE.