“…LIKE IT’S NEW YEAR…” (The End of the World, as we know It!)

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Ok, so 2012 is right around the corner, or by the time some of you read this it will already be here. Are you excited? I always look forward to a new year, well, because I hate anything old. I’m an impatient dude sometimes, and I’m usually done with a year after July! Lol. Knowledge ruined Thanksgiving and Christmas for me a long time ago, plus I don’t like cold weather. It’s really all about the kids now, and getting together with fam is always good, I guess…
Some of ya’ll are scared to death because of all the “2012 the end of the world is coming because the Aztecs calendar says so…” paranoia we’ve been getting fed since 2005.
Religious zealots have been predicting the end of the world since the beginning of time. I mean, how many times have we’ve “seen the signs” and swore up and down these were the “last days…” Call me a pessimist, but I doubt were going to get this big end of the world show, where shit goes crazy and the streets bubble with the blood of all us sinners. Then Jesus and his Daddy comes down tears up some mo shit and kicks the Devil’s ass back down to the hell fire… Nah, it will probably be un-dramatic at best, lights out… and that’s all folks! Probably some retarded dictator will push a button and start wiping all the infidels off the map one by one. Or maybe when Mitt Romney gets elected, he’ll be the anti-christ and start going on a Islamic-terrorist, anti-gay, anti-black extermination mission and get rid of everybody that’s not white or Morman!

I do think it’s going to be the “End of the World as we know it” to quote the great R.E.M song of the 90’s. There is a great shift going on in the world, and you can see it everyday. From the quakes and sunamis from earlier this year. The great storms that ravished a lot of the Midwest and South. Even more important, it seems the days of the rich and greedy having it easy is also turning. Pedophiles, more and more, are being ousted and exposed and rightfully so. My moms always told me what’s done in the dark always comes to light. Well, we are entering an illuminated period, where all that’s done, will be known sooner than before. The “people” no longer wish to accept the norm, or the status quo. From country to country rebellion is in the air. Homosexuality, is as American as apple pie now, and being interwoven Into the fabric of everyday life more than ever. Even in Rap, the winds of change are blowing. Actual skill seems to be making a comeback. I see in 2012, cats are gonna have to be saying “something” again. Real singing, real music is finally going to make a come back?!!? A fella can dream, right? Time does seem to be moving faster, where did the year go? Wasn’t it just Spring?
I hope your year was as cool as mine though. I traveled a whole lot, 12 states and 3 countries, not bad. I went through some much needed personal changes, for the better as well. We dropped ”Killuminati2k11” & “Perfect Timing” to critical acclaim, and planted seeds for a fruitful Outlaw future. Movies, solo projects, books and much more are all in store for ya boys and we look forward to it. We are blessed to be going into a new era and still have an audience that enjoys the music we bring to the table. We toured the whole country of Canada in o11 and had a ball doin it. London, Dubai, Japan and AFRICA are all on our wishlist for o12…o4L!

So who wants to make some “bold predictions” fro 2012?
Bet, me first though….
In Politics: Obama will “not” be re-elected.
In sports: Miami will not win a championship! Packers will win the SuperBowl
In Entertainment: Kim Kardashian will buy a black baby “Madonna style.” Maury will have to take a paternity test and “he will be the Father!”
In Global Affairs: There will be a major event between Iran and America; London will be home to a great terrorist calamity (hope I’m wrong on this one, no two…) during the Summer Olympics.

Whatever happens, Just remember, in the immortal words of that great street poet SugaFree…”IF YOU STAY READY YOU AINT GOT TO GET READY, ho!”


P.S. I hate the new Hyandai commercial!! You know the one with the two white guys rappin , tryin there best to act black! Yah that 1…Some fuck shit huh? I will be barkin bout that next week….100.