Black Balled PT.2 (Awards Show Edition)

When I first heard the nominations I had to say “W.T.F???!!

How many of y’all saw the B.E.T Hip-Hop Awards show this week? You too huh… Well from what I heard it was pretty good or pretty bad depending on who you talk too. Shit in my opinion, if you seen one you’ve seen em all. First of all, before I go in, let me give props to B.E.T for even giving hip-hop its own award show, (anybody remember The Source Awards? Or the VIBE Awards? Thanks Buck! Lol) But when I first heard the nominations I had to say “W.T.F???!!”

Wayne was up for 18 awards, basically nominated in EVERY category. (I wonder who got the check for that!) I heard there were a lot of no-shows (Jay-z, Kanye, Young Money, etc.)

Chris Brown won big for “Look at me Now” , but the last time I checked homie isn’t “rapper”. He aint even bother showing up either. More Rappers were in the Cypher then at the actual awards themselves! Good thing they had the best comedian, in my opinion, hosting.

Shout out to Mike Epps who I ran into outside Lenox mall the day before. He invited us to go as his personal guest but we declined because unless I’m personally invited by B.E.T or nominated for something, “I’m good fam…”

Our relationship has been tense, to put it mildly, with B.E.T since the Rap City days. On one occasion, we were with Afeni Shakur promoting the 2pac poetry album “In His Own Words” and had some words with an employee because “we were in the hallways” waiting to start filming, which was the only place to stand in the cramped quarters of the old B.E.T building.

After being spoken too like children one too many times, the guy had to be checked. He in turn went and got a supervisor who was also checked, this time by Ms.Shakur herself. So too answer the many Twitter questions on why we weren’t there… You get where I’m going with this, right?

We’ve always had love for them, but it seems after that incident, it’s been all down hill from that point on. We’ve spent money with them, in the form of advertising for Novacane and OUTLAW4LIFE 2005 AP. Did there late night show with Michael Collier, Rap City, Napolean was on there faux Cribs show (I forgot the name of that shit…) and had no problems. Still, no love for the thugs!

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Is it because we won’t kiss ass? Probably. See we are not willing to grease palms, take Steven Hill to lunch or any of that other bullshit these cats do for fame. Fuck with us on talent alone, or not. It’s that simple.J.Cole won Mixtape of the year, he has talent.

WorldStarhiphop won for best hiphop website, I’m partial too, but to each, his own. WSHH has become a breeding ground for fuckery and hatred so I’m hoping they can develop a way to weed out the B.S.

I’ve never been a fan of most rap dudes live shows, but props to WIZ Khalifa and Dmx respectively. I caught their segments and both look like they did their thang. Shout out to Heavy D, I heard he rocked out too.

Meek and Wale got busy, Tip and Jeezy did they thizzle. NOBODY from the west coast though… Hmmmm… Not even the token west-coasters, Snoop or Cube! HIPHOP is bigger than the South and Drake.

Exploit the whole culture not just what we hear on the radio everyday. Having have said all of this, B.E.T got the best ratings it has ever had for the show, proving that I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. For those of us who have lives or jobs, both being hard to come by these days.

B.E.T is graciously airing an encore of the 2011 Hip-Hop Awards this Friday night 8pm EST. Tune in or not I really don’t give a shit. If your like me, your probably wondering why the hell B.E.T hasn’t Shown Pac more love, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog… SALUTE.

P.S. Just heard Rick Ross (the rapper) had a seizure on a flight to Miami or Memphis.
The flight had to be landed so he could be given CPR. Hope all is well. My daughter is Epileptic and has had over 25 seizures since 2009. Shit is real yall…I will speak on this in the next blog.

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