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Bigger Fish To Fry

Bigger fish to fry. While y’all worried about the comments from a couple of thirsty chumps, this is what’s goin on in the world. Another 15 year old was shot and killed by some pigs in TX too. You won’t hear these individuals speak on

Afeni Shakur E.D.I. Mean

Dear Mama, Afeni Shakur

Afeni Shakur passing affect everyone from friends, family and fans worldwide. E.D.I Mean released this statement via the O4L web site.

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Color Struck

Color struck. Why Meek vs. Drake was bigger than HIPHOP White vs. black Light vs. dark Black vs. brown Up vs. down and it goes on and on… I must admit, the battle was entertaining… I’ve always felt that this sort of thing is what

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Greetings Good People! Hope this blog finds you in good health and spirit… Or I hope when you find it, your in g… Fuck it, nevemind… What’s good! Lets hope its all good and if not, at lease its al-right! Its been six-months since my

Super Bowl EDIDON

Super Bowl 2014

Super Bowl (A.k.A the Bud Bowl… Roll up!) It was Grammy weekend out here in L.A., So there were a plethora of industry “kiss-ass” party’s going on all over the place. Don’t ask how, but I found myself at one such event in the hills

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2013. (GONE, ALREADY?)

“Days gone past and as they past, time moves quicker…” – e.d.i “The Good Die Young” Happy New Year everybody, and if it hasn’t gotten off to a “happy” start, hopefully it’s a healthy beginning to the 14th year of the new millennium. That’s right,

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ITM: Inspirational Thug Musik

We @ have always prided ourselves on being able to spot new and exciting talent. A few years back we introduced y’all to Aktual. The produced/artist met outlaw OG Edidon at a Galaxy Music store outside of Atlanta GA back in 2007. After shooting

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(OH, AND IT IS A SHOW…) shut em down, shut em down…. Public Enemy Here we go again! The ‘gubment’ is officially shut down! Actually if you needed me to tell you that, you either live in another country or you may need to remove

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Thug Life in 2013

(And Would Tupac still live it?) Greetings Earthlings! It’s ya friendly neighbor-hood Hopedealer. As I write this blog, it’s the eve of the 17th anniversary of my comrade Tupac Shakur’s way to early departure from this planet. It is always a reflective time for me

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It’s been along time, I shouldn’t of left you… RAKIM For all the readers and supporters of BLOG LIFE, I greet you with peace and love. We here in the US are right in the middle of summer, even though depending on what part of

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Guns In America PT2

(FROM CHICAGO TO SANDYHOOK) What happened in Boston this Monday, lends credence to what I already suspected a long time ago… “SOME PEOPLE JUST WANT TO SEE THE WORLD BURN” to quote Batman’s butler from the movie the‘Dark Night’. Some have a specific reason, most

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(FROM CHICAGO TO SANDY HOOK) I can remember very clearly the first time I laid my hands on a gun. I can still feel the immediate sense of power and electricity that surge from my hands to my brain. I couldn’t have been a day

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DJANGO. (A MOVIE REVIEW AND WHY IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FILM OF 2012-13) What’s good people! Well the Mayans were wrong, or right depending on how you look at it. Needless to say, we are all still here, on earth and that’s a good

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(HOW AND WHY “THEY” GET YOUR MONEY) DEAR POPEYES CHICKEN, I HATE YOU MUFUCKAZ! YOUR’S TRULY EDIDON I had to y’all. For those of you who still eat that garbage, don’t take it personal. I to had a love affair with the tasty but unhealthy

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What’s Good?

(Do you look at this glass of water as half full or half empty?) I was wrong.Barack won again. If you follow my blogs you know in my “Like It’s new Years” blog I said he would lose and be a 1 term prez. But

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If u break down the word “relationship” you have two words combining to make 1. Relate and ship. Two people must “relate” to hop aboard that “ship” to understanding and over-all happiness and bliss. Communication is essential to accomplish this. Now I’m no expert on

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(DEMOCRATS VS REPUBLICANS, AND “SHOULD YOU EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME VOTING?”) In about 40 some odd days, America will either re-elect this countries only 1ST and only black president, or we will elect the first Mormon President. Either way it goes, somebody somewhere is going

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Sup People, long time no talk to! Ya boy has been busy dealing with life and all it’s wonderful interruptions. Honestly, I took some time off to kick it with family and friends, something I was failing at, miserably. We tend to get caught up