Whatsapp’s New Feature Could Leave Users Red-Faced

Whatsapp testing new recording feature

Whatsapp update

Whatsapp, Google Play

Whatsapp users worldwide are at risk of being accidently embarrassed, if a new planned update goes ahead.

The Facebook-owned app is testing a feature for Android users that allows them to switch on ‘locked’ recording by tapping the microphone and holding it for a half a second.

But while it’s intended to be useful, the change could make it easier for people to accidentally record audio and send it to their friends, without ever releasing. The current version of WhatsApp on Android devices allows users to record, but if their finger or thumb slips off the microphone icon the entire message is lost.

In an attempt to get rid of this issue, WhatsApp is unveiling ‘audio lock’ on its Android beta testing platform. The new feature, which is expected to be released in the very near future, will only require the user to hold down the mic icon for 0.5 seconds. Once that has been done, the user can then swipe up to lock the recording. Once locked users then will have to either press cancel on the recording or send it, as it continues to record until it is told otherwise.

However users might be left red faced as unintentional pocket dials could end up with them sending embarrassing voice messages to unwanted contacts. So when this feature is released by WhatsApp, it is safe to say that users should make sure their devices are locked before putting them in their pockets to avoid any accidental audio being sent.