XXXTentacion, Tupac Is Not Better Than Me

XXXTentacion Talks Tupac

The new year has arrived and it toke a bit longer than expected for someone to mention Tupac Shakur and have the internet go crazy.

XXXTentacion takes those honors as the first person this year to trash Tupac. XXXTentacion recently spoke with DJ Akademiks and claims he has well surpassed Tupac already. As a matter of fact XXXTentacion feels he shouldn’t be compared to the rap icon. “I’m better than Tupac, bro. Pkease don’t compare me to him. Please don’t,” XXXTentacion tells DJ Akademiks.

According to XXXTentacion the only reason Tupac is looked at as a great is because of revolutionary presence. “I don’t give a fuck. There’s plenty of revolutionaries. What about Joyner Lucas? He’s a fucking revolutionary.” says a very angry and passionate XXXTentacion.

If you still aren’t convinced that Tupac isn’t as great as XXXTentacion well how about the fact that Tupac never made Rap music? “Tupac can’t make rock music. Tupac couldn’t do that. Tupac didn’t do that. Tupac was a dancer and a poet and a rapper,” explained XXXTentacion.

XXXTentacion also went on to say that Biggie was a better poet then Tupac.

Well there you have it folks. This may be the first of the year but most certainty will not be the last.

What are your thoughts? Is XXXTentacion better than Tupac? Let us know below!

  • Leo Green

    With any luck, you’ll die of old age in a cell somewhere, and you’ll never even have the chance to prove you had even half the talent Pac did! Ya silly lil fuckboy

  • Micky Hilton

    U silly little boy go and fuck yourself , Tupac was clever , he was a poet even tho he was going thru a lot of crap , stuff u couldn’t imagine , stuff u couldn’t handle , and he was getting shot , shot at , set up , as well as shit on , couldn’t trust anyone aswell , living hell and he was still a nice person , positive , UNTILL provoked and still a POET , Rip legend Tupac Shakur , FUCK XXXTENTACION , u IDIOT , ring the alarm G , and if XXXTENTACION died what would happen , that’s right NOTHING!!!! Outlaws 4 life , Family!!!!!

    • Ayuba Yusif

      Real talk blood

  • Hmm

    Why are you giving this delusional kid a platform? No point in posting it on a site that’s suppose to capture the legacy of Pac. I don’t even think y’all care tbh.