Tupac Shakur New Music And Biopic

With Tupac you just never know, right? I mean most Tupac supporters know that there are a few songs that have leaked from the vaults for quite sometime that have yet to appear on any posthumous projects. As much as we like to think we know everything, perhaps just maybe we don’t. Perhaps there are songs that we have yet to hear. For long its been rumored there are enough Tupac-Outlawz song to deliver Still I Rise 2. (Purchase Still I Rise)Imagine that? Oh, so you would like to have that bumping off your iphone’s huh?

Tupac’s latest projects weren’t well received by many fans for various reasons. Whether it was Eminem’s involvement or certain features being replaced and song production completely changed. Was it all that bad after you sit back and think about it? Wouldn’t we want another Tupac album? There are many factors behind the scene that we can ever imagine and trust me I will not get into the he said she said. One thing is for sure we need to embrace and with a clear open mind accept the possibility of a new Tupac album.

Tupac wouldn’t have recorded with that artist or dropped a verse on that beat. Really? Do we forget what Makaveli was about. Do we really think Tupac would have stayed stuck in 1996. I doubt it. I also understand the argument that if we don’t know what Tupac would prefer then just leave it alone and do not release anymore music period. With that being said there are two possible scenarios that may produce new Tupac songs.

Without going into all the details of some well known drama behind the All Eyez On Me biopic. It is very much realistic to expect a new Tupac biopic by his estate. With the biopic we would obviously anticipate a soundtrack similar to Tupac: Resurrection (2003) which featured at the time an unreleased song, Ghost. (Purchase Resurrection Soundtrack) The second option would have Tupac featured on various albums of other artists from all genres. Both options are very intriguing and are possible.

Now the question is who and what? Who would produce the album? Who would be featured on the album? Who should executive produce the album? What should be the name of the album? Let us know what you think the answers to those questions should be! Make sure you comment below!!

  • Matt Solo Moseley

    This makes me curious, I just love Pacs music period so it would be cool. I feel like if it isnt done right it shouldnt be done tho.

  • Alexx Meli

    It would be nice if daz did most of it.

  • Alexx Meli

    Dj quik and Daz please.

  • O4L

    Which current 3 artist from any genre would you like to see on a song with Tupac?

    • Clayton Gibson

      Danny boy steward

    • Heavy Rain

      Alicia Keys, Kendrick Lamar, and leave the original music just enhanced like Letter to the president.

      • BlackStar

        Alicia Keys is a NO! She’s off key and pitchy. Nope!

        Danny Boy is a NO! Just because he sung hooks doesn’t mean he belongs on Pac’s posthumous material. Danny Boy is greedy and I can’t forgive him for what he said about Afeni. So that’s a BIG NO.

        I would pick: Teedra Moses, Scarface & Z-Ro.

    • Bjorn

      No one PAC only!!!!!!!!!

  • Louis Diamond Jimenez

    LEAVE IT ORIGINAL, ARTIST AND MUSIC. THE WAY IT WAS LEFT IN THE VAULT. Maybe as a Bonus include original outtakes vocals and background re-lips. Have it Uncut.
    With a name like 2Pac RAW & UNCUT from the Vault. (y)

  • We definitely need a new 2pac Biopic. And as a Die Hard Pac fan, I would love to help to A&R any 2pac Album.

  • Heavy Rain

    As long as THE OUTLAWZ dont rap like Pac is dead i am lookin for it, but rap about theme of the song, dont mention on Pacs album that he is dead !!!

  • BlackStar

    Leave his music in it’s ORIGINAL STATE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! The Outlawz fucked up a lot of Pac tunes. Eminem had no business being on Black Cotton the OG is wayyyyyyyyyy better than the crappy posthumous remix. Y’all are determined to destroy this man’s music. All because you want a producer’s credit for a weak ass remix. 2pac doesn’t need a biopic. His fans know enough about his life. Fans want to hear UNRELEASED MUSIC. STOP THE BULLSHIT!

  • Bone

    Let dr dre and ice cube daz dj quik dj paul scarface e 40 produce it

    • Bjorn


  • Computablu

    Let most if his 2Pac and The Outlawz work stay in its Original Form. Especially the Soulful songs.
    With the Songs that are dated .. I say add too it a fresh new updated beat with am hard hitting bass.
    Add all ORIGINAL Adlibs of Tupac and The Outlawz. . Intros, skits .. Go back to the ORIGINAL Formula of Tupacs Work. Make it a true Artistic album.
    I would like to see if any features from the People who 2Pac fucked with on the Album… all heavy weights.
    If you must add some new talents… Then you gotta go with all who has paid tribute to 2pac like.
    Kendrick Lamar
    Lil Booster
    Gucci Mane
    How about Veterans like Outkast and the DF Family with Erykah Badu.
    Slim Thug
    Nuttso Outlaw
    Even Jay Z or Rakim if they’re open to that type of Collaboration.
    .but regardless you can just keep it in its Original state with 2pac and The Legendary Outlawz.

    • Heavy Rain

      u crazy? jayz ? rihanna? gucci mane? this is the reason that Pacs legacy is destroyed. Yet it was EDIs idea to remix Pacs music back in the days.

  • Clay Thompson

    I’d love to hear unreleased music from Pac. As long as it’s in it’s original Pac style and produced by some old school producers who do justice to the music, or at least someone who puts him on the forefront of the tracks with some input from some producer who were there to guide the music in the correct direction it would need to go!
    As far as another biopic of wanna see it as long as it’s not a broken record and shows Pac in a different or more full light!

  • Johnny Hajduk

    Oh god, please no. Another chopped up botched remix album w/ awful features that all these millinials and youngsters will listen to and not understand that this isn’t what PAC intended! Can’t tell you how many kids I have heard say tupac was actually WACK after they heard PACs life and loyal to the shame- do you know how extremely disappointin that is? Imagine that! No thank you. If it will be like the first Still I Rise then YES, I’m all for it…but from the latest 3 releases y’all have proved incapable of giving the BASE what they want. Who are you really trying to please? Your pockets? This isn’t getting him new listeners. Its making them think PAC was something he’s not. And Its just further disappointing the loyal fans who want nothing more than for PACs legacy to be carried out the RIGHT WAY. Do we not remember what Makaveli was about? Yes as a matter of fact we do- it was him proving he could sell records WITHOUT big name producers like Dr Dre and Eminem and without numerous features with just the power of his WORDS. Just his boys whom he carried and weren’t even all that themselves. ( Besides Fatal & Yak ofcourse) look how successful that was. Who do you think you are talking to? I’m just baffled @ how y’all fumbled the ball after PAC laid as strong of a foundation as he did. And that goes for just about everybody. The only people y’all have left are the BASE- and if you continue to stay on this road and displease us you are going be left with nobody. I am all for new material- and I understand that some of the instrumentals are outdated- but if you have to change the pitch and speed of PACs voice- edit him to make him say things he didnt- use artists and producers that do not even compliment his style, no thank you. Sincerely, a concerned REAL fan…

    • Words of Wisdom

      Well said. It bothers me to no end that they purposely destroyed this man’s music who gave them so much. Pac didn’t have to put them on his albums AT ALL. But he wanted to give them shine and introduce them to an audience. Outlawz don’t belong on every 2pac record. I hate the fact that they added new verses on posthumous tracks referencing him getting shot. That’s insensitive and I don’t want to hear that. They’ve mooched off his legacy enough they can deny it all they want but they did and I would much rather hear 2pac ONLY. No more Outlawz. Y’all don’t impress me and to be honest I think y’all are the weak links in his discography. Who wants to hear 40 something year olds rapping about the same thing when they were 17/18? Time to grow up! The Outlawz failed miserably and never upheld Pac’s legacy to the fullest. It goes to show you people only listened to the Outlawz only 4 2pac’s features. Sorry to say it but that’s the truth.

      • Johnny Hajduk

        It obviously wasn’t purposefully ( atleast I hope not). It’s just plain incompetency. Its like they just don’t have a clue. Of course there will be some blind followers that will accept whatever is handed to them… I myself expect more and think they should be held to a higher standard. And the decline in numbers speak for themselves. Hence this pathetic and desperate attempt to reach out to the fans as if our opinion matters anyway. This is a tupac album we’re talking about. TUPAC. Yet his music is being handled like some common mediocre mixtape . Wake the fuck up.

  • Alonzo M. Edwards Jr.

    I’m with it my niggaz!!! However ya’ll do it…and I want a part in the movie!!! LOL!!!

  • Charles Stoltz

    Yes please and don’t eff up the beats give him that powerful shit like ghost, or dumpin, something like that. Please do not make a trap 2pac album…. Just effin dont

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  • Tragick


    • Bjorn

      So tru