Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Airs Tonight!

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame airs tonight on HBO April 29th 8PM ET and replays at 11PM ET. If you don’t have HBO don’t worry you can Join HBO Free Trial

The ceremony will feature Snoop Dogg induction speech for the first ever hip hop solo artist inductee Tupac Shakur. Tribute Performances by T.I, Alicia Keys and Treach is also set to air tonight. It has been well documented that the Outlawz were not invited to the event and was actually banned from performing that night. Treach who was asked to perform Hail Mary reached out to the Outlawz and wanted them on stage with him. Due to travel issues Young Noble was unable to attend. Edidon another member of the Outlawz and child hood friend of Tupac was in attendance and was told not to perform with Treach on stage.

Treach was furious at the Tupac Estate lead by Tom Whalley who is believed to have called the shot. It was made very clear to Treach that if any of the Outlawz performed the entire performance would be edited out. Edidon was able to calm Treach and convince him to look at the bigger picture and not let anything get in the way of Tupac’s night as he would be making history as the first solo hip hop artist to be inducted.

Edidon spoke on this on his radio show The Dinner Club which can be heard below. The Dinner Club airs every Wednesday 9PM PT on

Young Noble also expressed his feelings towards the matter when he sent an exclusive letter to which can also be read here: Young Noble Talks All Eyez On Me Movie, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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