Young Noble Exposes Hussein Fatal’s Fake Money Hungry Sister

Young Noble of the Outlawz addresses via the Outlawz official facebook page, Sarah Washington, a woman claiming to be the late great Hussein Fatal’s sister. Young Noble’s statement to the fans can be read below.

Just to let you fans know its alot of slander going around towards The Outlawz by a female spreading lies & posting videos on YouTube named Sara Washington calling herself Hussein Fatal sister. I was gonna ignore Sara but I talked to Fatal real sister Keisha an she told me to speak out against the slander because the ignorant fans who believe the lies need to know the truth! Sara Washington is NOT Fatal real blood sister she just has the same last name as him! The man Fatal called his father is not his blood father but he stepped in when Fatal was a child an took on the role of his Father an Fatal has his last name of Washington. Sara is Mr Washington’s daughter! Fatal real sisters are The Perkins, Keisha, Nejala & Renee, his brother Anthony from his mother Ms Sherl & I grew up with all of them.

Young Noble , Edi or anybody that Fatal grew up with an knew his whole life never heard of Sara Washington till after his death (Ask around)..According to his real family Fatal never dealt with her an he didn’t even like her.. Noone from Fatal real family, The mother of his children or his children has a relationship with Sara Washinton! Soon as Fatal died Sara reached out to me & tried to extort me for money immediately!. Fatal wasn’t even buried yet an she asking me about where Fatal money at! I told her that Fatal was a solo artist since 1996 he got back with the Outlawz in 2010 an we toured, we recorded a few free mixtapes together & we got paid to do 1 official Outlawz album called Perfect timing in 2011 that we did for a company in Canada called Krude Entertainment!

The last 3 years of Fatal life he released 2 solo albums titled – The Interview & Ridin all week on em… Any money or royalties that Fatal was getting from all his previous projects or his last projects went to him not to me, his money wasn’t my business..She acted like soon as he died 3days later all this rapper money would fall out the sky an all his business an money affairs showed up in my mailbox…We had a argument an I called Fatal real sister Keisha an she told me to ignore Sara calls..

So a few days after Fatal funeral I see online Sara trying to start a company on behalf of Fatal an that’s not what Fatal mother or sister wanted …Sara refuses to listen to anyone in her family about this matter! Fatal real sister Keisha has a legal contract with Fatal mom that she is the 1 & only person legally to do business on Fatal behalf & we are working close with Fatal mother & sister to bring you new Fatal music, we just secured digital distribution for the family new label called Hussein Entertainment, We are relaunching Hussein Fatal Tshirts with them soon & we are gonna help them secure distribution to release Fatal book about his life that he finished before he passed! Money that goes to his mother & children!

The Outlawz dont want or get not 1 penny from any of that, our services for his family is free! .Fatal was our brother an we loved him we dont have to steal anything from anybody especially no damn music! We 20 years strong with over 60 albums & mixtapes of our own, we been having our own label since 2000! We did music everyday with Fatal, we rap on eachother projects & we supported eachother!! We even have enough unreleased music with Fatal that we gonna give the whole project to his family an they keep all the proceeds even our portion..Sara Washington has no legal rights to do any business on behalf of Fatal & she also is mentally unstable & she takes medicine for her condition!

Its alot more that i wont speak on this is the nice version! Sara stop with your lies & please go find a better job its obvious you tryna use Fatal death as a way for you to come up out the hood! Its unfortunate that you would come out of no where slandering the very people Fatal spent the last few years of his life with! Where were you when he was alive? He was in Atlanta with us in the best shape of his life, physically & mentally! He finally for the first time in his career got to tour the world the last 3 months of his life, he was extremely happy to be back with us getting everything back on track in his life! Dont try to slander us because we wont pay you! Any money that belongs or coming to Fatal belongs to his mother & children not you! Outlawz have a great relationship with Fatal family & his kids an we will continue to honor him the best we can! Hussein Fatal real sister is keisha hussein on facebook she will confirm all of this as facts!! #RipFatal #Outlaw4Life …….. Sincerely Young Noble

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    This the same chic who got all these Outlaw Fans fooled…with that bullshit interview on YOUTUBE. Yea I said it…this Nawfside Outlaw #TexasOutlawGang ….I’m the dude on Hussein Fatal last single “PRAY.” Official Outlaw stamped.

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