Tupac Merchandise Lawsuit

Imitation isn’t always flattering. At least not in the case of photographer Danny Clinch the man behind various Tupac photos shot for Rolling Stone magazine has filed a lawsuit against Urban Outfitter and Forever 21. Clinch claims Amaru/AWA Merchandising, which licenses Tupac merchandise did not get his permission to allow these two stores to distribute the shirts. Clinch has previously in 2002 copyrighted his photos of Tupac.

600,000 in damages and the removal of any clothes with his photos of Tupac on it is what Clinch is asking for.

This isn’t the first time Forever 21 has been accused of capitalizing off others designs such as designer Charles Smith II and Alala founder Denise Lee. Frank Ocean also accused Forever 21 of plagiarizing a font from his Blonde cover.

Source: Consumerist.com

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