#O4LRewind Scarface, Tupac Smile

20 years ago on March 11, 1997 Scarface released his fourth album titled ‘Untouchable’. The album debuted number one on the billboard 200 charts. Tupac and R&B singer Johnny P were featured on track number 10 ‘Smile’. The hit single was followed up with a controversial and much talked about video.

Previously Scarface had this to say about the song when he was interviewed by Complex.com. “That record wasn’t influenced by [2Pac] getting murdered. I hope not, I hope that people just like what was said on that record. I just hope that people are like, ‘That was a good ass record man.’ I think that ‘Smile’ was originally supposed to be on 2Pac’s album and we got a hold of it and put it out. 2pac was something else man.”

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