Tribute To Big Syke By Overtime Hustlin Magazine

Brand New 12th «Overtime Hustlin Magazine [OTH]» Issue featuring a tribute to the legacy of legendary Big Syke available now. : [Digital copy available for free] [Physical print copy available for 10.50$]

«This past December  the music industry lost a legend, but more importantly the world lost a great person. December 5th 2016, Tyruss Himes more commonly known as Big Syke passed away seemingly out of nowhere. I had the pleasure of meeting Big Syke for the very first time on September 23rd 2014, when a mutual friend of ours told me Syke wanted to talk to me about OTH magazine and meet me. 

To be honest I was not really sure what to expect, but being a huge fan of west coast hip-hop as well as being a huge fan of 2Pac, of course I wanted to meet Big Syke as just a fan. I remember meeting Big Syke and at first it was kind of figures on the front lawn but could not really see any faces, still we walked up and that is when Syke greeted us with his recognizable voice.

From there we must have talked for three or maybe four hours, about everything from music and 2Pac to movies and the shadiness of the entertainment world. He never asked what we could do for him or said what he could do for us, he was more just talking to us and really giving us game on the industry as well as California as a whole. When the night ended we took a photo and exchanged contacts and from that point, we stayed in contact of a regular basis. 

Syke was the type of person I could call and ask him whatever and he would have an answer. He was also the type of person I could call and just see what was up and he always had some time to chop it up with you and just talk about life and what was going on in your day to day.

From the day I met him I knew I wanted him to be on the cover of overtime hustling magazine and we made that happen shortly after. April 2015, OTH magazine released out fifth issue and Big Syke was on the cover and to be honest it was one of the most enjoyable articles I have been a part of. 

There were no boundaries as far as the question and anything we needed for the article he had done and back to us in a flash.  In the interview he really took everything serious and gave us real answers, not like some artists who we interview and they may feel they are to big to take it serious. He sent us previews of his movie «Last Thug Standing», so we could watch parts of the film and talk about that, told us about upcoming projects that were yet to be titled and gave us stories from back in the mid 90’s that no one had heard yet. 

One of the things that stood out most was that he really supported the magazine, not only his issue but every issue after that and more. I would text Big Syke and ask him «Hey can you post this image» and it was always done, or «Here is the new issue, check it out» and he would respond with «I really like the interviews with A,B and C» a lot of those articles that he seemed to enjoy were artists for the most part outside of their neighborhoods most people have never heard of them. Yet he took the time learn about them.

Big Syke was really a genuine person and never acted around me or to me like he felt he was better than anyone and this was shown to me at the highest point on December 2nd 2016, just three short days before his untimely passing. December 2nd 2016, we held our third annual overtime hustling showcase in Los Angeles.

Leading up to my trip to California, I was in contact with Big Syke and asked him to share the flyer for the event, which as usual he did, and we started discussing what would have been this issues original cover, Big Syke and the Thug Life crew. A few days before the showcase he had asked me to send him the address and told me he wanted to come through and support, I knew he would show up but I did not realize he would actually support. What I mean by that is, Big Syke came to the event, but he was there before we started. He stayed the entire night which was early into the next morning, watched every artist perform, talked to artists he was interested in after they left the stage, talked to everyone there who came up to him, took pictures, shook hands and pretty much anything anyone had asked of him, just based of our relationship.

Once again the next day we linked up about 9pm and we discussed the prior day and what was to come. I have him his magazines, we dapped each other up, took a picture and said he would get in contact when I landed. That was the last time I seen Big Syke, he would pass less than forty eight hours later.

I remember landing in new York maybe twenty minutes before the news broke and sent him a text «Just landed, I’ll get with you tomorrow, thanks», and then looking through the photos from a few night before, thinking I can’t wait to share these photos. The second I stopped looking at the photos and put my camera away, my phone started blowing up, texts and social media messages all asking me if I knew what happened. To be honest I thought it was a hoax, but it was true. Big Syke had passed. 

If I could say anything to Big Syke today, I would just once again thank him for the real support he always showed and the advice and guidance he gave me as far as the entertainment world and I’ll end this tribute with something he told me when we first met that has always stuck with me, «Do it for the ones with pain, not the ones popping champagne». From everyone down here we miss you bro and we will meet again one day.» – Overtime Hustlin Magazine.

Also, check the 5th issue with Big Syke’s interview : [Digital copy available for free]; [Physical print copy available for 24.20$]

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