Outlawz The Movie

Social media had plenty to talk about these past 24hrs. Beyoncé pregnancy photoshoot. Drake and Nicki Minaji reunion. No other news shook social media to it’s core then the possibility of an Outlawz movie in the works. News broke fast when Young noble posted a photo of himself and fellow Outlawz member EDIDON via his imstagram @young_noble. Noble asked the fans whether they would believe him if he said an Outlawz movie was in the works.

“Me & my brotha @edidono4l got a hellavu story to tell over 20 years dedicated to this Outlaw shit! If I told you we had a major movie based on our lives in the workz would you believe me? 😂😂 ”

How do you feel about a possible Outlawz movie? What should be included in the movie? What would be the title of the movie? Let’s us know what you think below!

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