Recently the hope dealer, Edidon, went and chopped it up with the next generation of stars at the S.T.A.R.R.S program in Oceanside, CA. “It’s a after school program who’s aim is giving the youth of Oceanside Ca a safe haven after school is over for the day”, says Edidon.

The special appearance by the legendary outlaw in front of about 50 11-13 years old came to fruition when S.T.A.R.R.S appoarched him with the idea. An inviation the hope dealer himself could not turn down. “They reached out and gave me the objective and it felt like a good idea. I’m about giving hope and the kids need it. This is that age where we may still have a chance to reach them. S/O to the whole staff for inviting me down especially my bro Big Mizzle”.

Edidon left the children, all who were rap fans, with wise words that they can hopefully remember forever, “I told them hard work pays, don’t be a follower and their mind will take them where they wanna go.”

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