Guns In America PT2


What happened in Boston this Monday, lends credence to what I already suspected a long time ago… “SOME PEOPLE JUST WANT TO SEE THE WORLD BURN” to quote Batman’s butler from the movie the‘Dark Night’. Some have a specific reason, most don’t. So give them guns, or take them away, these same individuals will find away to inflict pain. Chicago, Ill became the focal point of the heated gun ownership/violence debate recently; Do to some very high-profile shootings. Hadiya Pendlton, is a name we all should never forget. Along with young Trayvon Martin and countless others, she was another “victim” to senseless gun violence. Basically, Some young knuckleheads ran through a park, shooting at rival gang members, and bullets struck her in the back taking her life. As always in these types of situations, it was later found out that she was not the intended target and the so-called “enemies” weren’t even in the park that day! SMH. Normally, this kind of story wouldn’t have made it out of the Chicago area, BUT… A little over a week prior to her demise, she along with her classmates, sang at our Presidents inauguration. To bring this all the way “home” for the Prez, the murder took place mere blocks away from Obama’s Chi-Town pad! I read a few articles, online, about the tragedy, and what annoyed me was the lack of compassion from the mainstream media. Mostly right-winged white-collar assholes who have an “ax to grind” with Barry, they almost insinuated that she brought this on her self, and Obama made it all possible with his “black-self”. The comments, left by people who will never be held accountable, were racist at best. I can’t help but want 10 minutes alone with these fools,but it’s not entirely their fault! We have to again ask our selves the tough questions, when these tragedies happen, like: Why are guns so easy to get in urban America? Why were these young black males running through the park shooting guns, instead of running through park shooting hoops or reading a book? What ever happened to the “fist-fight”? Where are the fathers AND mothers? Where are the OG’s? I could continue, but why? We already know the answers. So, do we just except the fact that this type of bullshit will continue to happen, no matter what we do?

Switching lanes for a minute, as a father of six wonderful spirits, I am forced to deal with the realities of the world we live in even more than before. My oldest son, Malik, 17 is at an age where he is experiencing all the ups and downs of life. Sex, drugs, peer pressure, violence are all things he has to encounter almost daily. He has to make potentially “life changing” choices that his mom and I cannot always be there to help him with. One of my goals as a parent is to make sure my children are never burdens on society, i.e. drug addicts, criminals, etc. I have had guns around my kids since they were little and taught them the power of a gun, more importantly though, the action or reason behind ever having to shoot one. I am hopeful that he never sees the gun as a way to resolve an issue. It is for protection reasons only. Each 1, teach 1…

I reside in Georgia and Georgia has some of the softest gun laws in the WORLD. A driver’s license, no felonies and a short wait, (3-7 days for a back round check) and you too can be a proud gun owner. Your weapon of choice cannot be concealed and loaded. Meaning, if you have a gun license, which by the way, is easier to obtain than a passport or business license, you must have it on your hip, like a real live cowboy! The south is famous for its Gun shows. At these events you can find predominantly older white males selling and buying all types of firearms from low caliber pistols to military styled automatic assault rifles. As with most things hidden from “us”, “we” eventually caught on to this and started showing up in droves. Now it’s being said that the gun shows maybe wiped out altogether in the not so distant future. “Can’t have those “blacks’ havin to many guns… shoot, they’ll kill each other than us! In my faux redneck voice. Dick Gregory, the brilliant comedian and activist said a few years ago that “black on black crime” is so high because people kill whom they live around. Statistically speaking he is correct. Whites kill more whites than any other race, yet and still it is made to seem that African-Americans are the ones with the problem. Jodi Arias, a white woman, is on trial as we speak fighting for her life after she stabbed (25 times, ouch!) SHOT, and cut the throat of her lover Travis Alexander. This woman obviously has some mental issues, to say the least. She’s claiming self defense and looks bat shit crazy whenever you see her on the news. I wonder though, is she anymore prone to violence than the two guys that allegedly murdered Hadiya on that rainy Chicago day in the park? Jodi Arias actually brought her gun legally a few days prior to the slaying. Who saw that coming? Her parents, in interrogation videos, actually seemed scared of their own daughter. She sliced and diced this young man and the gun she used was an after thought, it seems. Outlaw guns if you want, but your not stopping a nut like her once her fragile mental capacity breaks. I say all of this to surmise, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, always have always will. Whether it’s a religious fanatic somewhere in the Middle East with a grenade and an M-16 or a scared homeowner using his .357 magnum to protect his family, humans kill humans…

The gun is just a means to an end.


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