What’s good people! Well the Mayans were wrong, or right depending on how you look at it. Needless to say, we are all still here, on earth and that’s a good thing! Because if they, the Mayans, were right we all would have missed one of the most significant films to come out in the past 10 years or so. Django, starring Jamie Foxx, Samuel Jackson, Kerry Washington, and directed by Quentin Tarentino is really a western styled movie with a slave as its main character. Django is a slave being transported to his new ‘home” after being soled in 1850’s Greenville, Mississippi. Along the way him and His fellow slaves and slave masters cross paths with Dr, Shultz, a German dentist turned bounty hunter. Shultz knows Django can ID his latest bounty and needs him to help him out. In a brutal and typically violent Tarentino opening scene, Shultz takes out Django’s owners and frees him, sort of. That’s the thing about this flick, there’s double messages being thrown at you from all angles at all times. Peep game, I don’t want to tell you the whole plot, incase you haven’t seen it yourself. I must warn you though, it is gory, and it is the type of movie that will make you uncomfortable as you sit thru hearing the word “nigger” about 200 plus times. It’s set years BEFORE the civil war and according to THEIR history books, this is what we were referred as. Samuel L. Jackson, one of our greatest thespians, will make you hate him as he plays the Uncle Tom/house nigga of the worst kind. He is almost giddy as he shuffles to his “master” played by Leonardo DiCaprio, when we first see him. Tarentino, who also wrote the script, magically layers each character, so you almost know them from the screen. Critics complain because slavery is this country’s ugliest past and there is no way to do it right, unless its in a ROOTS styled “whoa AS as me” “sweaty niggas getting whipped and hung” sad ass story kind of way. DJango is not that. He is killing up white people left and right and basically getting away with it in an effort to rescue his wife, Broomhilda, played by Kerry Washington. Django has a mission and “anybody can get it” if they get in him or Dr.Shultz way. In another scene, he literally whips a slave masters ass, and saves a young black girl, who herself was about to be whipped. We have never had THIS story told to us, but it happened. The story of Nat Turner should have been told along time ago. In a way it’s being told through Django. Rebellions happened and they usually ended with some white people dying. With Inglorious Bastarsds, Tarentino showed you the Nazis getting their heads whacked off with baseball bats, in Django you get to see evil, redneck slave owning crackers slaughtered and you love it. It’s guilt free violence served to you on a movie platter. “They aint never seen a nigga on a horse before…” is what Jamie Foxx says to Christopher Waltz as they ride through a small hick town in Texas. Waltz, who also played in Inglorious Bastards as a sinister Nazi General, is grosslyunderrated as an actor, in my opinion. Peep the opening scene in Bastards and tell me you weren’t dam near shiitin ya draws!

IT WASN’T LOSSED ON ME that the Weinstein production company put up the bread to get this done. The only people Jews hate more than a Palenstienie terrorist is a racist white American from somewhere in the South. So sure they green lighted this joint! AND we should all be thankful. Django is a super hero for todays times borrowed from yesterday’s pain. He is the revenge for Alex Haley’s Kunta Kinte Brought to life in 2013. There are two sides to every story and this is the other side of slavery. It was great to see some black characters in control of there on destiny despite being in bondage, You’ll have to see the movie to fully understand that last statement.

This movie is important and timely. There is a shift happening, but its not being televised. There is an awakening happening that was meant to happen right at this very moment.So, rightfully, in 2013 we get to see a “slave movie” where the slave is feared and respected. Yes there are some parts that will make you cringe, and if your black (or a sympathetic white person), make you wish for a time machine and an A-R 15 assault rifle to take with you back to the 1800’s. Still overall, I left the theater feeling somewhat empowered by the experience. I heard Katt Williams had some things to say about the movie and Jamie Foxx’s sexuality, only the latter should any of us care about. His main complaint was about the use of the word ‘nigger’. Like I said before, this is a period piece, meaning it’s set in a different time, during slavery. The movie would’ve lost all credibility if the slave owners referred to their slaves as “sir” or “maam”. Black, yellow, red, brown, or white, go see the movie. Go see the ugliness of slavery and have it shoved back in your face, again. Shit the Jews never will allow the world to forget the Holocaust. This same world should not be allowed to forget Slavery. Unfortunately we don’t get to tell enough of our stories unless we are “shuckle and jiving” or playing non-threatening often demeaning roles. So many actors have had to effeminate themselves to make it to the big-screen (I.e. Eddie Murphy Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry etc.). Django is a man, black, and you know it right away. Now I don’t know how many “awards’ this motion picture will earn but it would be a crime if it weren’t recognized by both the “industry” and the public for it’s great “big balls”. No pun intended. (Lol) This movie is important because slavery still exist in this country but has been camouflaged in a subtle way and called another name, incarceration.



EDIDON – So Cool


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