What’s Good?

(Do you look at this glass of water as half full or half empty?)
I was wrong.Barack won again. If you follow my blogs you know in my “Like It’s new Years” blog I said he would lose and be a 1 term prez. But hey, I also said the Lakers would win and Miami wouldn’t,so your fault if you believed me! But you can believe this….There’s plenty to be thankful for. So let’s point out a few… What’s really good is that Mike Brown got his walkin papers. Barack is back and A guy named Mitt will not be the nations President. What’s Good is that Melah is doing well and her path to a normal, happy childhood is very possible. Yeah, you guessed right, this is a “happy” blog. I won’t be rantin and raven about fuck shit like normal. I won’t be exposing the “unseen hand” and all it’s treachery. No. We are going languish in the Joy-ness that is life. Now I know some of you on the east coast have no power, still, because of that cold hearted bitch named “Sandy”. To add fuel to the fire a small blizzard just hit y’all up too. And they rationing the gas out. All the more reason to focus on the bright side. At least the Knicks lookin good and thats What’s up! Kendrick Lamars debut album came out a couple weeks ago and iS “really Good”; a complete body of work packed with great lyrics, beats and concepts, a forgotten requirement in today’s rap game. Even the interludes are “good” Salute• What’s Good is watching my peers grind hard and reap the benefits of their labor. What’s good… Is that I’m hearing this ‘Pac movie is finally gonna get done. Fans want it so bad and they deserve it, they and only them are the ones who continue to lift his legacy so high it sits side by side with him in “Heaven” Whats Good… Is the look on racist Caucasians faces the past few days! I live in the south, with Georgia being a “red-neck” state, you see and hear the grumbles. But they keep it to a mumble so that’s good too! What’s good… Is getting a letter from My bro Buck and hearing he’s in good spirits despite being in the “hole” for 23 hours daily (24hours on the weekends) and is taking and doing his time like a Man. He’s Reading, working out an getting mentally prepared for his return. What’s good is… That my other bro CBO will be back on the streets real soon. What’s good is that 2013 Caddy StS (mean!) I could go on… Sure there’s things we could complain about, but why? Nobody cares! Most people you may tell your problems too, can’t help you or are happy to see you down. So we most count or blessings and not the problems. Learning to enjoy life’s gifts, even while in the midst of struggles will help you to not stress. Studies have shown that stress kills more black men then the LAPD. A true survivor knows the things he/she can’t control do not deserve the energy and attention that’s better suited for things one can manage. So the next time somone Asks you “what’s Good”?” Tell em the truth… Tell em “Life!”


P.S. @Young_Noble1-Son of God drops Nov. 13 on iTunes.


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