If u break down the word “relationship” you have two words combining to make 1. Relate and ship. Two people must “relate” to hop aboard that “ship” to understanding and over-all happiness and bliss. Communication is essential to accomplish this. Now I’m no expert on relationships. I have had my fair share of failed unions. Recently divorced, I’ve been guilty of cheating and being somewhat difficult to live with, not communicating my “real feelings” etc. I realized, through trial and error that my former lovers and me did not relate to each other unless it was sexual. I was a typical man, focused purely on the physical and never giving any time to the inner unless I was “in her”! There is a saying that goes “men are from mars and woman are from Venus.” There are a plethora of books out there teaching us men how to better “relate” to the complex creature we call a female. But honestly, in my opinion, a book can only give you some hints or maybe an idea or two. Every person is different. What makes “her” tick might make “her” sick, and vice versa. A lot of what we as men do to attract woman, is closely related to our pockets. Most men feel as though, now days, a woman isn’t interested in a guy with “financial issues”. “Romance without finance is a nuisance…” is how I heard it as a youngster. In some cases it is 100% true. Lets be real ladies! I will say in defense of the ladies though, they are far less superficial then us dudes. Men are visual. If his lady isn’t visually appealing, then he does not feel proud when he’s around his homies and won’t bring her around, opting to save his attention and affection for those behind closed-door moments. This being the case, we now have an epidemic of artificial breast, ass-shots, facelifts, tummy tucks, weaves… I can go on and on but you get the photo, I’m sure. The ladies feel an overwhelming amount a pressure to look as good as can be to catch a mans eye.
Over 50% of marriages end in divorce these days. I’ve spoke on ‘marriage” before in previous blogs, so you may know how I feel on that subject. Here’s another statistic for you, civil unions or better put “marriages with out the ring or paper work” have been known to last longer than the traditional option.
It’s a bitch (no pun intended) to find love being an artist. You never know who’s really down for you or on they come up and you are their latter. Ladies have a difficult time trusting famous men, because of the readily available pussy that surrounds us. Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll is a true description of “this thing of ours”, so can you blame them. It takes a strong man and an even stronger woman to maintain a solid bond under the brightest glare of fame and money.

Love and Hip-Hop ATL was a huge hit for VH1 this year, ratings out the roof week after week. Now sure Stevie J was the most talked about “character” from the show. Yet it was the “relationships” of all that were involved that held viewers captivated. We all like to see others go through something similar to the things we deal with in life. Sex, emotions, insecurities, egos, lies, truths, and a whole list of other things make up the gumbo called “love”. It ain’t easy but it’s worth it, if you want it. Most of the time it’s as simple as just being honest you’re your significant other about your wants and needs. Remembering that none of us are perfect and there’s always room for improvement can help you out on those rough days when you feel like walking away is easier than another argument. Also every relationship you have may not be the “1”. You may have a few bumps in the road on you way to meeting your “soul mate”. There’s someone for everyone. You are what you attract, so if you keep running into asshole men or scandalous woman,




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