In about 40 some odd days, America will either re-elect this countries only 1ST and only black president, or we will elect the first Mormon President. Either way it goes, somebody somewhere is going to be pissed! I guess you can tell this is not a “get out and vote” blog at all. I’m the pessimistic voter Obama spoke about in his wonderfully delivered DNC speech from Thursday night. Obama is probably the best speech giver in this countries history. He even out does Former President Clinton, who gave a noteworthy performance prior to his.

1st, Let’s go back a view weeks for a minute. I have an Uncle who we call “Bone-Daddy”. He is in his early 60’s but has always been cooler than the other side of the pillow. A black hippy of sorts, he spent most of his life working at well paying jobs and getting high, never seemed to be political until now. Bone Daddy is a HUGE Obama supporter. So passionate, he will debate you to no end about him. He asked me did I plan to vote, and was not pleased with my response. I told him no because I feel our voting system is flawed, seriously. The popular vote is not enough to elect one person over the other. We found this out the hard way back in 2000 when Bush Jr “stole” the election from Al Gore. He did not win the popular vote, but through some “miss-handling” of a large number of votes in Florida, a state where his little bother was the Governor, he was able to get enough Electoral voters to secure the White House. Everyone knew it was some b.s. But we were powerless to stop it.

Less than a year later we had 9-11 and all the madness that followed. I also told him “Politicians, in my opinion, are owned by special interest groups and lobbyist.” As soon as he/she takes dollar one in the form of campaign contributions, they become obligated. These days the greedy bankers are the ones picking the President and who ever is willing to do there bidding will get into office, again, in my opinion. After hearing that he pulled out his race card. “Well he’s a black man and I just like seeing “us” in the White House!” This is a common retort you will almost always hear from “us” when it gets down to the real issues regarding the president. He also said “Obama being in office will inspire children to believe they can be President!” Even the cats that I’ve spoken to always say “Imma vote cuz he black!” That’s absurd, dog. Remember we sold us in to Slavery a lot of the times during the slave trade… Older Blacks who lived through the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s really get emotional, because they fought for equal rights and voter rights and never imagined this happening. So I get it, I do. The “powers that be” gave you the perfect picture to latch on to. After 8 years of Bush, something drastic had to be done. In 2004 Obama was a virtual unknown when he spoke at that years DNC. Fast-forward, he is now running for re-election of this nations top office. He filled a void that we all felt after the Bush years. Him and his beautiful family are picture perfect for potential voters. America it self is a corporation and when any Corp is struggling, what do you do? Get rid of the old C.E.O and replace him with a new one. A better one, to get “you” the shareholders to believe again. After about an hour, my uncle reminded me why I never talk about Politics and religion with people. They get overly emotional and start to try to use opinion as fact, as he did. Look its all a big show, somewhat similar to sports, even the color schemes of each party, scream branding and marketing. Red, blue, crips, bloods, Giants, Patriots…

The trick is to get us to buy in to the hoax. Truthfully I wouldn’t mind Obama getting a second term. It’s better than our next President being a dude named Mitt. His campaign slogan is “Keep America, American” Sound familiar? Well if it does, its because the KKK used it back in the 20’s. And Mitt, I got news for you, if we really are going to keep “America, American” every immigrant needs to start packing and leave this to the indigenous people, the Native Americans.

I predicted Obama wouldn’t get a second term. I still stand by that. I think it’s pre-determined. I don’t think as many of us is going to vote this time around anyway. Niggaz is playin Madden and shit, Workin on they next Mix tape n shit. Really, who has time for this type of shit? “It aint gon change shit for me…” I feel yall. But Obama’s record of achievement is not bad, though! He got Bin Laden! *Winks* in an election year. Wrapped up real nice for us like a Kwanza gift. Malcolm (not me, X) told us to “believe half of what we see and none of what we hear.” Besides politicians in different states such as (Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas), mainly from the republican side are trying their hardest to disenfranchise millions of voters. Some of the legal battles Republicans are losing, but there are few still pending, especially in Florida, which has 27 electoral votes. The stakes are higher then ya man Wiz Khalifa! At the end of the day, things will only get better for you and me when we decide to change things. The power really is in our hands. Collectively we can move mountains, and it won’t matter who’s in office. So vote if you choose, and if I choose not to that’s my right as well. In 2008 I actually went to vote and was shocked when I was told that because I had never voted, I had to reapply. I basically had lost my right TO VOTE because I didn’t use it. So is it my right or not? Don’t give me something, say its mine, but…


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