Sup People, long time no talk to! Ya boy has been busy dealing with life and all it’s wonderful interruptions. Honestly, I took some time off to kick it with family and friends, something I was failing at, miserably. We tend to get caught up in the rat race and forget the things (people) that are REALLY important. In the midst of all this, I made some observations, one of which I want to bring to everyone’s attention. OUR CELLPHONES, COMPUTERS etc., ARE A BY-PRODUCT OF THE DEVIL HIMSELF!!! If you decide to keep reading after that inflammatory statement then there’s hope for you. (lol) Of course I don’t mean it literally, but the seriously, we as a society are in trouble and here’s why. One day I was out with the fam having dinner at a local Red Lobster when I looked around and noticed everyone in the joint had cell phones or some sort of electronica gadget in there hands. No one was even talking to each other! Couples, families of 3 or more, sitting together but paying each other no attention, except to place their orders or to say “Past the ketchup…” I mean, even the little kids had their own phones or I pads too. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Now, I’m sure some of you have seen this before, but just never paid any attention to it. Some may say it’s the wave of the future and we are powerless to the natural progression of this world we live in.The problem with that is, technology advances faster than man. We as humans cannot compete with evolution, in my opinion. Social media has replaced the conversation. We would rather text, tweet, or “inbox” more than ever. How many phone numbers do you know by heart? If you didn’t have your cell or computers, how would you communicate with your loved ones? When’s the last time you’ve written a letter, with your hands! I am planning to write the homie Buck over the next few months while he is doing his bid, (Prison sentence, squares!) and I’m wondering if he will even be able to understand my depleting hand writing skills. SMH. Repeatedly, over the last view years I have observed couples out on dates, both on their phones totally ignoring the other. I stop and think, “What the hell is their sex life like?” Are they tweetin while they screwin?“I’m Wearin @So-and-so’s thang out right now!” And she retweetin it! Man that’s some sad shit! I feel Facebook ruined it with the timeline and pictures. Now any idiot can post, whether its true or not, what he’s up too. Women steal other women’s avi pictures and use them as their own! Fellas, How many of yall have bagged a chick on Facebook, looking at her pix like “DAAM, MS PARKER!” (Smokey voice), only to meet up in person and she’s 3 inches shorter and 12 inches wider! Ladies, I’m sure some loser miss-represented himself to you too and is currently cyber stalking you as we speak. Every rapper and his mama are constantly attacking you with their latest smash (this one included!) via social networks. After you fight through them, spam will invade like the Nazis did London in the 40’s. Shit is real son. Instagram, for some is the newest form of computer crack to hit the virtual streets. Every-fuckin-body is takin pictures and shit. I mean “Ma how MANY angles you gon give us of that fake ass booty of yours?” (THATS A WHOLE ‘NOTHER BLOG!) I’m not “liking” every goddaam picture you post, I’m sorry! And what the hell happened to MySpace? That shit disappeared faster then those fugazi all-clear air-force 1’s that came out a few years ago. Will FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AND INSTAGRAM, go out the same way? We should all be so lucky. Maybe we would get back to actually interacting with each other like back in the old days, the 90’s! Remember the 90’s? Before the Internet. Historians will refer to that time like they do the “Before Christ” era. BC. Now it’s BTI. Before The Internet. Things Done Changed…
Word to Biggie.



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