Free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority.

If you take the word “Independent” literally, using the Webster’s dictionary version, this country should not be celebrating at all right now!!! First, a lot of y’all will be to busy shoving burgers and shit down ya throats to even read this today. The rest will read that first line and surmise that I’m a kill joy and keep it movin to Porn Hub or something (lol). Anyway, I would not make a statement like that and not have any proof to back up my opinion, which I see to be fact. I mean, Just look at how much we depend on other nations for our survival and luxury. You wanna drive? Our gas comes from where? Duh… Shit we owe China so much bread, they could evict us from our own country, just like these crooked banks do to Americans daily! Independent? Stop it. This countries very work force is comprised, mostly of our primos from south of the border. If they got together under one common belief and decided to go on strike, they could bring America to her knees and make her “take it to the head”. The whole world depends on each other, and it’s becoming more obvious everyday. When I watch the news and they get to the economic portion, I’m always a little perplexed when I hear that the NASDAC is down because the NIKKEL is down way over in Japan, or vice versa. So how are we Independent? I’m sure the founding fathers felt good signing the Declaration in August 1776. Yeah August, Drafted in July, wasn’t exactly signed by all 13 colonies until a month later. The great state of New York was the last to sign.On paper, no pun intended, it’s a great concept. Freedom to worship, carry yablammers, say what you want, so on and so on. We were now Free from Great Britain, the over bearing and controlling mother. Truth is, back then it really balled down to one thing and one thing only. MONEY. Britain wanted to raise taxes, we weren’t with it, they also undercut us on some Tea revenue leading us to the “Boston Tea Party” and the rest is history you fell asleep on in the 9th grade. Still, they had to fight a war that lasted 5 years (American Revolution). Eventually America would win, but not without the help of the French! Independent? We all know nothing in life is free. What did we owe France for helping us out? I don’t write this shit to be a party pooper. No, this is just to start a trend of going beyond the surface of what has been fed to us all of our lives. The Fourth of July is another, in the long list of bullshit holidays, force fed to us until we regurgitate. The U.S.A is not independent because it’s Congress is controlled by money wielding lobbyist that make it rain on politicians like rappers do strippers. These lobbyers are often paid stooped money by big Corporations to push a specific agenda that more than likely has nothing to do with you and I. Realistically speaking, if weren’t for the fact that we spend 10 times as much on military as the next 26 countries combined (all of em happen to be our allies, go figure…) we’d be an occupied territory along time ago. So here’s to the troops who lay it on the line for our “freedom” everyday…


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