Ni99az is dying waaay to young.
I’m sure some of y’all are saying to your self “Duh, we know Edi, now tell us something we don’t know!” Well Le-hgo. We are dying young in these streets of course, but we are also dying young and FAST at our own dinner tables. We eat garbage everyday and some of us could care less. Others, are ignorant and don’t even know the damage we are doing to our most valuable asset. Quick question. Have you ever thought to yourself “What is this crap that last on my shelf for ages, gonna do in my body?” Yeah, me either, At least not until recently. BUT we should be asking questions such as this and more. Now some of y’all that know me or have met me are probably rolling ya eyes and sucking your teeth. Most of my life I’ve been an overweight person. It probably started in my teens, when my moms gave me freedom of choice to eat what I wanted most of the time, either that or I ate what she fed me which was not that much better. I lived in Minnesota during this stage of my life. MN is known for its 10,000 lakes and loooong, brutally cold winters, leaving you with not much to do for about 5 months. I came from New York and was used to running the streets, literally. So my weight stayed in check. White Castles was my favorite though, back then. They are all over the Midwest and East Coast. I remember hustling with my homies, Then after school, hittin up ‘Castles for a double cheeseburger, large fries and a sprite. (heaven!) Before I knew it, I had put on noticeable weight. I played football in high school so I at least stayed active during the season. MY diet was still horrible. I didn’t know any better. If it taste good it was all good to me. Fast forward about 15 years and I was on the verge of
1.High blood pressure 2.Diabities 3.Stroke!
…And eventually death, waaaaay too young…
I’m not out of the woods, yet, but with the help of a healthy diet and work out, the weight has began to come off (60lbs so far…) and I’ve started to see improvement.

Amerikkka eats it’s young and feeds them enough shit so that they are a fat,slow and an easy kill. Poison is marketed to our children in real sly, almost evil way. The fucking Mcdonalds clown has always spooked me out, even as a kid. But today, the clown is gone and replaced with expensive commercials with hip-hop in the back round. ‘Dadaadaa I’m lovin it’ and dying in the process! Watch TV with ya kids and peep how much they pump food to em within a 30 minute span. Then ask yourself how much of it is healthy for them! None of it, usually is. Add this lifestyle and merge it with the Hip-hop world and you are likely to see more Heavy-D’s(RIP) and less LLCoolJ’s. Luckily for us, cats are getting smarter. More and more you hear people from this generation talking about getting “in shape and getting it right” Still some of us think we can smoke and drink and not have to pay the piper. If your and artist with a busy calendar, life on the road can be rough. There’s not a lot of options to eat “right” when you are on the move, city to city.
I feel as though we roll the dice every time we eat something we haven’t cooked in our own kitchens, especially, in America, where the standards for our foods are not the highest. It really all goes back to the programing that’s been done to us since our youth. I remember hearing, as a child, that you were supposed to eat “three meals a day” and “milk does the body good.” Wrong and Wrong again. Why would a human drink milk that’s intended for 250 pound calf? I am lactose intolerant, If I drink some whole milk, I will clear a room in 15 seconds or less! The Human body does not need 3 full course meals to survive, either! The only things you can’t survive without is water and air. But THEY wont tell us that, because of what? $$$$. Most of the food we eat, has questionable beginnings. Either the vegetables come from a farm worked by over worked and stressed individuals, or the meat comes from animals in poor living conditions, waiting to die. You don’t think they know what’s about to happen to them!?! All of that which is in them, ends up on your plate and in your stomach and eventually apart of you. This includes stress!
So many brothers I know, have dropped dead of heart attacks and were still in their 30’s. You can’t go 5 miles and not find a wing spot in the south! Are there really that many chickens in the world? Are we even eating real food anymore? KFC has long been rumored to be selling “cloned” chickens to it’s loyal customers. We are running out of food to even feed the 7billion people on this planet! I never heard of Tilapia (fish) growing up, and out of know where, it’s every where, like liquor stores and gas stations. NO wonder it’s so many fake people out here, they eatin fake food! You’ve heard the saying “You are what you eat”, nice cliché, but real spit.
Dr. Laura Newman, in her 1970 book Make your Juicer Your Drugstore, reports: “During the past 50 years, the increase of Epilepsy has been 450%(!) ; Diabetes, 1800% (!); Brights Disease,650%; Anemia, 300%; Insanity, 400%; Heart Trouble 300%; Cancer, 308%; Autism 500% (!) You ask why? The answer is in our polluted stomachs…

Money moves most people into action, so fortunately the “Health and Wellness” movement has given some health conscious, business mined individuals a chance to make a pretty substantial living having this knowledge and know how. So, in the future you are going to see more people opening gyms, juice bars, wellness centers, that cater to the physically challenged. Also, people love success stories, so when an extremely overweight artist or celebrity, goes on a diet and loses pounds, they immediately get their publicist to hit the media with the accomplishment. And that’s wassup, but even if you are not Fat Joe or Charles Barkley, take you health and life as serious as they do. I know some people will retort with the predictable “ We all gone die of somthin, I ain’t worried bout that shit, Imma eat what I want!…” That statement, true as it may be, is also idiotic and filled with gloom. Yeah we are all gonna die one day, but some of us will die peacefully of old age, the rest will die slow, disease infested, painful deaths. A heavy burden left on their families, and the cycle of poor living in tact and passed down to their seeds.

There is a happy ending, though, but it’s depends on (wait for it…) YOU!



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  1. Still wating on that 3xxxl cuz imma fat ass naw very inspirational and really makes me think bout changing some stuff.. at least for my kids..

  2. Nice story. Yea I try to be healthy conscious too. The weed and alcohol is my biggest struggle to let go of its too much fun (in moderation, or else it sucks) But props for bringing more attention to Health and it’s dead serious importance.

  3. Hey Edi,
    I really enjoy your blogs I think you’re doing a great job
    I’ve had some crazy health problems lately and I changed my whole
    diet’s funny cuz I’d never touch a salad or eat fruit regularily it literally
    took a HUGE blow to my system to make me realize I wasn’t living right. Now I eat SO healthy, I stay hydrated and drink as much water as possible and I havent eaten out in so long. I agree with you 100% when you say that it’s all this conditioning and “programming” that has been done since we were kids cuz honestly that’s what it is. These are big businesses and all they care about is $ ..nd if u think bout it if you were a business u want to cut costs where ever possible..your not gonna go and get the most expensive chicken out go and find the cheapest thing (I say thing cuz who knows how much chicken it actually is!) …but of course they dont want u to kno tht so they (like u said) throw sum fake crap in there and make it look all healthy..they spend their $ on the advertising to make sure they target everybody to come on down and get some sodium on a bun..I guess basically what I’m trying to say from this essay of a comment is that I fully understand what you are talking about and I hope more people change their way of living before it takes a major event to force them to change. That just reminded me of a Pac quote “It’s time for us as a people to start makin some changes. Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live, let’s change the way we treat eachother. U see the old way wasnt working so its on us to do what we gotta do to survive.”

  4. O4L…. I appreciate that knowledge, comrade. Read this book called “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About” & it just blew me away how America doesn’t practice curing. They practice amputation or drugs. Either saw that limb off or get on some drugs that helps one part of the body & destroys the rest. & YOU keep coming back cuz something else is now wrong w/ your liver. All for profit, smh…. Deep documentary to watch, also “HIDDEN COLORS-THE UNTOLD HISTORY OF PEOPLE OF ABORIGINAL, MOOR & AFRICAN DESCENT” . THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT US. O4L & SALUTE!!!

  5. Peace to all the Outlaw 4 lifaz, EDI shared some personal self observations that is safe with us. Therfore I must share some of my own. The Outlaw lifestyle is like night/day. We can ride all day puffin blunts & checkin chumps, at night we can post up in the darkest corners with a 5th of dat gud, before the night is over the weakest link gotta get packed then wacked for disrespectin’ the rules and the muthufuckin’ tatts. “or” we can just roll all day and have fun flawsin on our enemiez then at night get blitz with some bitchez until it’s time to catch a flight. I always wondered how good is ya’ll health after all these years if ya’ll smoke like ya’ll smoke and drink like ya’ll drink, because all we know is the obvious. Then if any of us was to stop then we wouldn’t be living the Outlaw lifestyle no more? right? or is that wrong? The revolutionary lifestyle and or culture is a range of different tasks that a little herb is included in maybe, but what’s most important to decifer is the term “reform” oppose to “Revolution” just in a exercise of thought. Nothing more & nothing less. So far as the food I know ya’ll feel that shit in ya chest. All them slimy serpents crawling up & down ya’ll spines from them wines and them nasty ass fries. All that pootin & scratchin. Can’t stand still on post like a soldier. Attention span on short. Erection & sexual arouse on short. Talking stupid talk. Bullshit nonsense. All of that is relevent to health. All this shit is poison my niggaz! Also with the intake of things into the bodily temple which holds all of us. We live through you! When you look in the mirror we live inside of that person. Don’t go from TOOKIE to POOKIE. You understand? I observe base heads. Don’t be confused in your mental health, because once the mind is defeated all is lost. For you to be taught the truth about the “MAAFA” it would be retarded to ignore the principles of self defense. Unfortunatley Doc Tulu has been held captive for muthufuckin ever, and if he was free he could use acupucture to heal these Outlawz because getting high & intoxicated is reactionary suicide and won’t hide the pain. I still think about death with that bud is deep in my chest. We gotta get free before death turn that corner in the image of a big white spider ready to eat it’s prey stuck in the middle of the World Wide Web. Kill that spider and stay up off that web. I repeat …. Stay up off that web. Audio is ear cancer & Visual is radiation to them precious black eyez so be wise.

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